Senior Military Aide to the Iranian Supreme Leader Major General Yahya Rahim Safavi warned that the US, Israel, Britain, France and a number of Arab states have hatched plots against the people of the region.


 "We should conclude that a big plot led by the Americans and with the cooperation of certain European states, including Britain and France, and with the collaboration of the Zionists and the leaders of certain Arab states has been hatched against the regional issues," Safavi said in Tehran on Friday.

"The continued domination over the Arab and Islamic states of the region, looting the natural wealth of the people, maintaining the dictatorial rulers and traditional and monarchial regimes of the region, preventing the (spread of) Islamic Awakening and controlling the popular revolutions of the region can be named as the goals of the Americans' plots," he added.

Safavi said what is going on in Iraq, Libya, Sudan and Egypt now is an evidence of the US and its allies' plots against the region.

Also in August, Safavi said that the US threats were posed to all Islamic countries across the globe, stressing that Muslim nations would no more bear the West's atrocities.

"The threats of the US administration are not just against one Muslim country but they are posed to all Islamic states," Safavi said in Tehran.

Stressing that internal coordination and cooperation and forming regional and international coalitions based on common interests was at present the only way to save the Islamic nations, he said the Muslim states could pave the ground for the establishment of a powerful pole in the 21st century, "which needs the nations' will and the political leaders' courage and resistance".

"The Muslim world is now at a strategic juncture and the Islamic nations no more bear the West's obvious cruelties under (its allegations about) democracy," Safavi said.





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