Senior Military Aide to the Iranian Supreme Leader Major General Yahya Rahim Safavi called on all Basiji (volunteer) forces from across the Muslim world to stand against Takfiri streams

 "Basij provides an opportunity for the integration of all Islamic countries and is a capacity for global awareness and awakening against the hegemonic system and the Basiji people of the Muslim world should produce thoughts, plans and softwares to confront the Takfiri groups and rise for fighting the Takfiri streams," Safavi said, addressing Basij forces in the Central province of Yazd on Wednesday.

Stressing that the Americans, Zionists and British are the main culprits behind plots in countries from North and Central Africa to Southwest Asia, he warned that they seek to weaken and disintegrate certain Muslim states, like what has happened in Sudan today.

The culture of establishing Basij forces, started by Iran, has now spread to different Muslims states who want defend their countries against foreign and Takfiri enemies.


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